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  1. Norma (Ruthie Barnett) Shirk
    April 30, 2016 @ 10:53 am

    I remember Mrs. Cresap and her husband quiet well. I must have been in first grade at the Brandsville school about 1948 when they had returned from their work in Alaska. They visited our school with stories about the Eskimo and Alaska. We (the children) were awe struck hanging on to tales of a far away land. To top it all off, we were give Eskimo “candy”,and we got to eat what the Eskimo children ate for candy. It was dried fish. It was really quiet tasty!
    Mr. and Mrs. Cresap worked in Alaska during the summer and returned to their home during the winter, I believe. I do not recall what kind of work they did, but they were well thought of. With fond memories of your loved one. May God give you comfort. Norma Shirk


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