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  1. Marci Simpson
    June 13, 2024 @ 11:02 pm

    If I could describe my mother-in-law, Laura Simpson in one word it would be JOYOUS!
    She had such a joyful heart. John and I moved in with his parents in 2003-2008 and from day one she welcomed us with open arms.
    She loved working from home doing Medical transcripts which she found so interesting. Like everything she did, from reading, painting, writing, cooking, and storytelling she did it with such joy! This family had such a warm special place for their dogs. As they lost friends along the way, they took their friends dogs in and gave them a home.
    Above all my biggest blessing was watching my husband, John interact with his parents. The stories, the jokes, their laughter, It was so beautiful and heartfelt. Thank you Laura for your motherly love. I’m sure there is a joyful Simpson reunion in the heavens above.
    With love- Marci Simpson


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