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  1. Ashley Elson
    April 1, 2022 @ 10:49 am

    Oh brother how I will miss you so. Words can never express what you meant to me. I’m so blessed that we were so close since we were born. You’ve always been my rock and my hero. I know you wouldn’t want us to be so sad but it’s so hard when you were such a huge part of my life. You will live in my heart forever and I can’t wait until we meet again. I love you all the way to downtown Houston and back Buddy.


  2. Tori
    April 1, 2022 @ 2:08 pm

    My condolences to the McKenzie family. I was his aide for a short period of time at Cori Manor. I am pleased I got to care for Marc. He was such a blessing and very sweet. He sure did love his beautiful wife and children, thats all he talked about. Another soul taken to soon but Now he’s Rejoicing with our Heavenly Father. Rest in Peace Marc. God Bless your Family and shine down on them in this time of need.


  3. Cindy (Sunshine)
    April 2, 2022 @ 9:18 am

    I’m so lost! You are the love of my life! It was so crazy how much we was on the same page! I trusted you with everything! I wouldn’t do anything without talking to you now I don’t know what to do! Our long talks about everything how do I do this alone Marc! Baby you said we could do anything as long as we was together I feel so alone right now! I love you blue eyes always and forever! I’m struggling without you here I don’t want to even get up! I don’t know how I will ever go on without you! You was a amazing dad and husband! You was beyond one of a kind and I need you to stay with me and help me raise our daughter and help guide the way cause I am lost without you!! I came to you about everything you had amazing wisdom! So please stay with me and help me! The love that we had most people would go a life time without seeing and the 15 years we had was enough!! I need you baby!! I appreciate everything you done for me, us and everyone else for that matter!! I miss everything about you your tickles your smell you touch your voice! Please stay with us always and forever! I kiss baby girl every night and tell her you love her and you will visit us in our dreams! My heartaches my whole body aches without you! I love you Marc Ryan McKenzie!! My blue eyes! My sexyman!!
    I begged you and I will beg again please don’t leave us help me go on for our baby girl as you called her out monster! She talks about you all the time! You was suppose to be here for all of this and now I’m alone! ? please help me Marc! Just don’t leave me! Come see us as much as you can please! Love you to the moon and back and around the world! I love you more and I know your reply as always no way not ever! I need your guidance baby! I love you and please now the pain is gone I hope you have some peace! I will try my best here but only if you help me! Love you blue eyes!! Oh our spit fire is something! Our baby girl is so perfect Marc thank you for everything!! We will forever and alway miss you!


  4. Beverly Gould
    April 2, 2022 @ 11:19 am

    Cindy I never met your husband but from pictures it shows you both loved one another alot. You will get through this. He will always be in your heart. You will always see him in your daughter. You will go on for her.



  5. Angela Hughes
    April 4, 2022 @ 1:40 pm

    There is never any words that can help a grieving spouse so I am not gonna even try to say the same thing everyone hears about how it is gonna be ok. Instead I will say that Marc was a good man, a loving dad and friend. He always knew how to cheer someone up. I remember him joking most of the time and as tears roll down my face this morning a smile also came remembering the sack of potatoes night we all had. The laughter that we all shared and so many more. It definately wont be the same without you Marc! I know you are probably up there telling GOD jokes right now. Marc is with you Cindy and he is gonna be there watching over you and the kids cuz that was the type of man he was. God bless all of you in your time of need. Love yall.


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