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  1. Kellie Adamson
    April 12, 2022 @ 12:54 pm

    I’m so glad I got to meet him and Theresa. My thoughts are with you all.


  2. Charlene Causey
    April 12, 2022 @ 5:19 pm

    Richard was a really nice man I got to know him when I worked at Roy’s store he would come in for breakfast or lunch. So sorry for the family’s loss.


    • Theresa Richardson
      September 15, 2022 @ 2:33 pm

      Thankyou very much for your condolences. I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Through grace of God I am able to tackle this message. Again thank you Sincerely Theresa Richardson.


  3. Ramona talburt
    April 18, 2022 @ 9:00 pm

    Sorry for your loss. Rely on God’s love. He has you in his hands. It is not going to be easy but with You in God’s corner it will get better


  4. Theresa Richardson
    September 15, 2022 @ 2:37 pm

    Dear Ramona; Thank you for reaching out your lovely message to us. You are absolutely correct to tell me look for my God who has taken such good care of me. Sincerely Theresa Richardson. PS I am so sorry for your loss and I completely understand now what it’s like to loose a spouse.


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