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  1. Paul pruett
    May 19, 2018 @ 11:34 pm

    Ed Richey was a thousand times more than an obituary can begin to express. He was my dad’s employee but never let that get in the way of being my friend, a mentor and an example of what a man should be.
    Ed was funny, self effacing walking example of humility and Grace in action. If you were unsure he made you feel comfortable, if you were proud he made you look like a fool. He was happy when he was working. It didn’t matter what he was working on or whether he was getting paid. I think Ed knew he would be paid in Karma if not cash! Ed gave his all at everything he did and he could do anything..
    If a problem arose he tried to fix it, figure it out work it out himself. He made his living with carpentry but he would try anything. Welding, painting, mechanical, heating and air, plumbing, landscaping, drywall, it’s all fair game. He built a house from nothing and rocks that rivalled any home in West plains and then put in a water feature for his beloved Joy. Ed made me believe in myself and gave me an example of how to live a life based on optimism and gratitude. There are many stories that I can tell about Ed and his talents, and I know they go on. I’m thinking Jesus needed another carpenter. God bless you Ed I will see you again someday soon.


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